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Originally Posted by Getus View Post
Well the 3.4s is a little cheaper than the 360. And i do not have a big room.

Mmm i wonder wich sounds best with the focus Center. I can olso go with the 140's as fronts because i have a nice sub......
Hmm...Good question. I have not heard the focus center in a very long time. Since they belong to the same family, I think the 360 is better matched to the Focus Center and the same is true to 3.4 with the SC center.

I like the tonality and smoothness of the 3.4s( I am also biased as I used to own the 3.4s ). The 360 has a lot more bass output though. Since you have an excellent sub, I'd say go for the 3.4s vs the 360; but don't take my word for it, you have to listen to them yourself.
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