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Originally Posted by Getus View Post
Hey, good suggestion! The 25s! maybe that is what i need. Because they are smaller than the 3.4s or the 360.

But i believe my dealer does not have these for audition (yet). You think the 25s mate wel with the 140s?
Dude, the Special 25s is a kick ass bookshelf. It's a lot more hard hitting than the 3.4s or the C1s and will give the Focus 360s a run for its money in the bass department. Remember, it has Confidence level Esotar 2 tweeters and Evidence level woofers None of the dealers will have the 25s for audition because they were discontinued after the 5000th pair was produced; unless they retained their demo pair from way back. Once in a while some dealers get trade in but they sell very quickly. The 25s WILL mate very well with the 140s.
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