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Hi dublin, yes we talked about Kilkenny before via PM. I'm sorry that I had forgotten about that. Kilkenny was a wonderful place. I am not familiar with the San Antonio B&B that you guys stayed at so I will have to check it out on TripAdvisor or Google it
Kilkenny was quite the place to be especially during hen nights hehe I enjoyed going to the theater about 7 or 8 times while I was there. Went for many nice walks.

Do you like hurling and have you ever played yourself? I remember walking behind this young lad and he had his stick and ball/puck/thing lol and he would hit it against the wall and it would come back to him while he was walking. I was pretty impressed. Unfortunately I never attended any hurling matches so I'll have to do that on my next trip

What are you doing right now at 9pm?
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