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I just want to express my heartfelt condolences to the people living in Las Vegas after what occurred at the dreadful gun attack on Sunday night. I only heard about the story while trying to find my mother at a bar in South Dublin yesterday. I only looked at the TV for a brief moment while the news about the attack was breaking on CNN. It was just dreadful heartbreaking news to look at on the TV. This story has probably got a lot of coverage in the Irish media because a lot of people living in Rural Ireland are big fans of country music which has lasted for a very long time. It is used as a social outlet for them because a lot of local people in their communities are big fans of the genre. Those Irish fans, including some in my own family, hearing about this story through the media would be very heartbroken by the tragedy.

I was looking at the news earlier on RTÉ which usually described the normal atmosphere of Las Vegas before the attack took place in the city that night. It was described as the biggest party capital world with people going into various bars & casinos having fun that would be open all hours of the day & night. And now what is described after the attack is just a somber quiet ghost town. Las Vegas is a city that is full of glitz, glamour & full of energy. What this attack did to this city was simply wiping out that energy within a couple of hours on what was meant to be a enjoyable Sunday night for those concert-goers. Whatever motive is established for this attack by the authorities; it will not relieve the heartbreak of those who lost their loved ones forever. The impact of what the gunman did to the victims that night will leave a huge hole in the presence of the victims families that will last a lifetime.

May all the victims who died in this attack Rest in peace. I hope the victims who were injured in this attack will have a speedy recovery.

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