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Originally Posted by AFFanAttic View Post
Umm If this has a park creator function, which I think 2 originally had, then that with online mode is going to be so freaking killer and justifies this being more than simply a re-release.
It does, revamped too!

Local split-screen and online multiplayer modes are also in, as are the games’ Create-A-Park and Create-A-Skater modes. The Create-A-Park mode will offer a more robust editor, the developer says, and players will be able to share their parks online with friends.

“Create-A-Park has really evolved from what it was,” Vicarious Visions studio head Jen Oneal told Polygon in an interview. “You are going to have access to a full suite of a skate park pieces: your ramps, your rails, your halfpipe, etcetera. But what makes it so different now and now you actually get to deform the pieces, and you can make any kind of crazy amusement park-like skate park that you want because you’re able to manipulate the rails to make crazy spirals if you want.”

Oneal added that players will be able to share their custom parks with friends who can in turn remix those levels.
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