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You don't need to know where I live...

First 3 episodes were rather slow but the pace picks up from E4. Could not stop watching it and made to E7 last night. The acting, I thought, were really solid; all performances were good. Brutal? No. Jackie Chan movies are brutal.

The memory recollections flipping back and forth took a while to get used to but the overall structure is very good. The pivotal moment is the 'gathering' then there are 2 main stories that are weaved/edited together: events unfolding from the 'gathering' and events that took place at Hill House. It is similar structure as Christopher Nolan's Memento.

Overall, I like it very much and recommend it to people who enjoyed Memento, Inception, Babadook, and Conjuring. Kind of mish-mash of all of those in one series. Haven't finished it yet so some final reservations on how the series wraps itself up.
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