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Originally Posted by Geoff D View Post
FWIW I don't even touch the bias controls, I read (can't remember which site or forums member it may have been, but it was one that I trusted) that the bias controls added some funkiness to the low end on a Sony OLED. Now, I'm aware that I don't have a Sony OLED but I followed the same advice and near black just looks 'cleaner' to me on the ZD9. I've tried recalibration using the bias and gain controls, have also assessed someone else's white balance settings that also had a strong inclination towards dialling down the blue (might've been 10k's settings?) but which used bias as well as gain, and in both cases the near black just didn't look right.
I figured like contrast/brightness gain/bias also work together and have to be adjusted if you touch the other.
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