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Hy everyone:

In BF i bought this player in Amazon because i wanted a more futureproof player than the others mainstream players like the Sony X800 and the Samsungs. I didnīt considered the Oppo because itīs too much money for me. Remember Iīm from Argentina and the final cost with the shipping and taxes is way too expensive.
So I bought this and this last 3 days I tested it.
In my case I confirm that there is no noise coming from the device. If there were problems in the past with the tray they are fixed.
The PQ is great. I played Lucy, Transformers: The Last Knight and the Fifth Element and they played flawleesly and without any problem. Loading times are very good for me. I thought they were going to be awful but itīs pretty nice.
The negatives I found are that the youtube app has the same problem as the B7 Oled i have. The colors are washed out.
And of course the Dolby Vision update you are all waiting for.
If anyone asks for me, itīs a good player.
I would like to ask one thing...wich is best for output: RGB or YCBCR?
Thanks a lot.
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