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Default Is it worth it?

Iím still trying to decide on a player, at this point is it even worth this player with all the sound issues? Has anyone confirmed that it WILL get the updated for Dolby Vision again? Iím going over to Best Buy today to see what version of the players they have, but it sounds like even the brand new ones still need serviced?

Iím considering just going with the Sony UBP-X800, but Iím not sure how much the Dolby Vision would be an improvement in quality over the Sony (assuming it eventually works on the LG)? I want to get the player before Christmas since I just got the HDR tv, so waiting for the new model is not a choice for me. I donít want to deal with getting fixed, etc, especially if the difference is going to be pretty negligible. However, Iím not the person thatís going to buy a new one later when they are better either, so Iíd likely have what I choose until it breaks.
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