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Biggest Biggest Biggest mistake is not have Dolby Vision or HDR10+ in year 2018.

Least check out VUDU.Com App streaming service. Cost nothing to join. They have 140 Dolby Vision movies. Many of them DV Atmos movies can be gotten free by code redeem from your 4K UHD Disc. Vudu DV works great with Ethernet 23 Mbps. There are 29 DV disc movies now.

X800 has Vudu App only for 1080p. No 4K. No HDR10. No DV.

Up970 replacement plan for 4 years only cost appx $35.
If up970 noisy swap replace it out at BB. IF noisy when 2018 new DV models come out then replace it with that with your 4 yr Geek protection plan.

Otherwise Buy OPPO 203 for immediate DV.

Do you have just HDR TV? Or Is it DV Capable also?
DV PQ on UP970 will blow you away. Its that good on an LG OLED.

Up970 have HDR Netflix. HDR Youtube. For now. But we patiently await VUDU App with HDR10. DV, Atmos.

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