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Originally Posted by RyanMatthew View Post
WB animation needs to take notes and step up. This actually looks like a high definition film; not a ****ing cheap cartoon DVD. Hopefully there's no English dub because I feel like that would defeat the purpose of this being made by the Japanese. People need to quit being babies about subtitles and watch films the way they were intended.


Just realized that Tim Drake is FINALLY in a film. About damn time.
Yeah, subtitles are a distraction for me, while I love Pan's Labyrinth, it's always a difficult watch moving back and forth between focusing on the dialogue and the visuals; I either missed important dialogue watching the visuals or missed important visuals reading the dialogue. Though, I do draw the line at dubbing live action stuff, the lip movements not fitting the dialogue is very immersion breaking. But the majority of animation don't have realistic lip movements (lip flaps just move up and down) and any dialogue can fit it without breaking immersion. Even Hayao Miyazaki has said many times that his movies should be watched not read in support of different language dubs. And with dubs now (9 times out of 10) being as accurate to the writers intention as the language can allow, there really isn't a wrong way to watch things. I mean, in Japan, people watch the USA show RWBY in Japanese instead of its original English language, so are they watching that show wrong because they don't watch it in its original language?

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