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I pulled the trigger and bought it. It definitely is an official release by Columbia, not by some local bootlegger. Pressed disc (not a BD-R!!!!), and all copyright info perfectly legit. Detailed preservation info at the beginning of the film.

Image quality is a mixed bag: a LOT of grain, and some scenes obviously sourced from a different print (softer than the rest). Anyway, this is by far the best this film has ever looked on home video.

Recently Columbia is releasing some interesting titles in Spain only (and some of them in Italy too): this one, "Talk of the town", "Little foxes", "In a lonely place", "Only angels have wings", "Suddenly last summer", "Bell book and candle", "The chase", "Two rode together", "Murder by death", "Born yesterday", and Woody Allen's "Manhattan Murder Mystery" and "Husbands and wives". And probably some more that I have missed.

All of them with English/Spanish/Italian/German for audio, and English/Spanish for subtitles.

I already have some of these titles from Criterion or Twilight Time, but these are cheaper and I suspect image quality is comparable.

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