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O.K. just hear me out! I have a lot of movies, so I'd like that first one viewed to be something I don't already own. Also, I don't really care for the POTC movies (saw the first one, thought it was dumb) I love 2001, so although I have it, I may want to pick it up. I was trying to find new releases that were big "wow" movies, but I don't see anything out that is tempting I guess...... I'm gonna look up Crank or whatever you said it was called, as I have not heard of it.

There are a few great looking movies as mentioned by above (Planet Earth, NIN concert etc...) not withstanding; currently the wow flicks are Rat, Cars, Meet the Robinsons and Pirates, they will stand out the most for PQ & SQ. Remember, they were shot with hi-rez in mind, Again, there are many others that are great and would probably be as equal with the exception of director intent, but the few Disney flicks are a step above and are for sure ones to impress friends & family. Hang in there the list will be plentiful...

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