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This is the tv I recently got, and while it's amazing I am starting to have a bit of doubt. The one thing that really gets me is when watching a lot of the Disney films there is nothing but ghosting and cross talk. I've even updated the 3D player to the newest format and still seem to be having this problem. It also always just stays in the background and far away shots. Really annoying.

Anyone have some kind of input on this?

I'm purchasing an HDMI cable for 3D tvs and players so I'm hoping that takes care of the problem
I might have an idea. I bought a 23" LG 3D TV/Monitor a year or so ago and it had noticeable purple ghosting on almost everything that I watched. When you mentioned "the background" always having ghosting that rung alarm bells for me as mine was the same. The effect was that you lost the 3D depth because you were aware of the double image in the background therefore making you realize that it was flat. It became more and more noticeable the more I watched it so I did a Google and found some threads online about the "purple ghosting" issue. In these threads they mentioned that the wrong glasses had been sent out and so in the end I phoned up LG and asked for a different pair of glasses. In my particular case I had been sent black passive glasses with "Cinema 3D" written on the frame. I can't remember the serial number but in the end LG sent out a white pair of glasses with "3D Monitor" written on the frames and "voila" more purple ghosting.
If this sounds like a possible solution. here's a link to a thread on the "purple ghosting" issue along with pictures of the correct glasses...i.e. 3D Monitor glasses (scroll down for the pictures)


Hope this helps and good luck...


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