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Jun 2009
Holland XXX (2002) 15th anniversary edition

I got it for 10 bucks.
Didn't read anything about it until I saw it on the shelves.

If you own this title already don't bother to rebuy it, unless you want it on a BD50 and a new 7 minute bonus feature in HD.

Disc specifications:
Disc size: 41.7GB
Movie size: 34.4GB
Video: MPEG-4 AVC
Audio: English DTS-HD MA 5.1, Czech DD5.1, French DD5.1 (2x), German DD5.1, Hungarian DD5.1, Italian DD5.1, Portuguese DD5.1, Russian DD5.1, Spanish DD5.1 (2x), Thai DD5.1
Subtitles: English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovanian, Spanish, Thai and Turkish
Runtime: 2 hours 4 minutes and 5 seconds
Region free

Bonus features:
Commentary with director Rob Cohen
Origins of a Renegade (HD, 6:27)
XXX: A Filmmakers Diary, US Pre-production (SD, 15:27)
XXX: A Filmmakers Diary, Prague Post-production (SD, 25:26)
Diesel Powered (SD, 6:50)
Visual Effects How To's (SD, 3:04)
- Cheating the Mountain Avalanche (SD, 1:09)
- Creating an Avalanche (SD, 1:18)
- Shack Explosion (SD, 0:37)
Deleted Scenes (SD, 15:51)
- Sam Jackson (SD, 0:43)
- Plane Interior (SD, 3:04)
- The Ivans (SD, 0:50)
- Underworld Club (SD, 0:34)
- Blood Splatter Dart (SD, 0:37)
- Castle Extended / Pole Dancer (SD, 5:04)
- Girls (SD, 1:18) (tits blurred ofcourse)
- Grooming a Scene (SD, 1:15)
- Attack of the Czech Police (SD, 2:08)
- Bora Bora (SD, 1:09)
Starz! on the Set: The Making of XXX (SD, 14:32)
Agent Shaver's Gadget Presentation (SD, 3:55)
Designing the World of XXX (SD, 14:35)
Building Speed: The Vehicles of XXX (SD, 6:55)
Avalanche Scene Storyboards vs Film (SD, 5:37)
Drug Farm Storyboards vs Film (SD, 5:08)
The End Credit Sequence - Raw and Uncut (SD, 3:34)
"I will be heard" by Hatebreed (SD, 3:09)
"Adrenaline" by Gavin Rossdale (SD, 4:18)
Theatrical Trailer (HD, 2:34)
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