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Default Is there any 3D player that can output anaglyph signal to regular tv?

I was just thinking about this.

I have no need for one, already having a 3D tv. I was thinking surely it's theoretically possible to output an anaglyph signal for regular tvs?

Now obviously, I'm not an advocate of inferior technology, but I was thinking it'd be one way of expanding the market for 3D Blu-rays. A Blu-ray player costs a lot less than a tv.

I was also wondering how possible it'd be to have Blu-ray players that can convert from an anaglyph disc for a 3d tv? Presumably there's technical issues there that would prevent perfect results, but I know people have had some success separating anaglyph content into separate eye views. Perhaps it'd be too processor intensive, I dunno, but it'd be an interesting feature.

An ideal 3-D Blu-ray player would also be able to do something with the old field-sequential dvds.
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