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Originally Posted by flbeachlf View Post
I know where are movie lovers out there:

Last night 'In Harm's Way (1965)' was showing in High Def, and I was completely blown away at the picture quality. It's the brightest, cleanest black and white movie I have ever seen. I had only seen it full frame to this point, and when shown in 2.20:1 I was amazed at the amount of movie I had never seen before. This is one that I would add to my Blu-Ray collected if it becomes available.

That was shot in 35mm, but blown up to 70mm. It was only about the 6th film to be blown up to 70mm. "Bye, Bye, Birdie" was the first, but Birdie was probably only shown in 70mm in Europe for reasons that have been lost to movie history.
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