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The only thing stupid about the rule is that it should also rule out the FIRST song played in the credits. If the song isn't played DURING the movie, it shouldn't be eligible (Though I'd be ok wih songs used in OPENING credits). Otherwise it's just studios tacking them onto credits for the sole purpose of awards.
No way/. I think that the Song that leads into or starts the main credits is extremely important. Can make a huge impression on the film for me. Whether it is an original song ("Into the west" from Return of the King ; "Miss Misery" from Good Will Hunting, "Save Me" from Magnolia) or a song licensed for film use ("SOmething in the Air" From Memento; "Analyze" from the Prestige; "Queen *****" from The Life Aquatic.., etc.) a well placed song at the beginning of the end credits can be amongst the most powerful and exciting moments in a great film. Abrahams Daughter playing at the end is honestly my favorite part of the Hunger Games.

In any case I am extremely relieved that Taylor Swift (Who I abhor, and loathe more than any musician who has ever lived) will not be eligible for what few seconds I have heard of it is yet another musical abomination. I dunno if Arcade fire will get nominated for their song or not But I do think it is deserving. I dont like Adele's music either but I have to somewhat grudgingly admit that her song works very well in that awesome credit sequence in Skyfall and fully believe it will win.
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