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RE: Pirates, I wonder if people are confusing it with the VeggieTales Pirate movie...
No, it was that Pirates was...not really that good. Especially by Aardman standards, which was a bit of a shock.
(The humor was way too scattershot, clever-clever and schoolyard-spirited, and not the engaging Britcom bit of Flushed Away some of us Aardman fans had been hoping it would be from the previews.)

It was arguably funnier than Hotel Transylvania--in the respect that anything is funnier than Sandler--but HT had the bigger studio push, and seasonal box office draw to amaze clueless West coast folk easily awed by such things.

Originally Posted by Ernest Rister View Post
Eric, the Oscars are heavily influenced by publicist campaigns, Harvey Weinstein is a master at this. Sucks, but true.
Yes, but my point was, this is an award BY publicists, FOR publicists, ABOUT publicists--And I don't mean that abstractly or metaphorically, I mean that literally. The Oscars are, to their credit, not even By, since they have actors and cameramen voting on them.
There's Oscar FYC campaigns--which Harv hangs his very soul and existence on every year--and then there's just being a danged gullible zombie that believes every single "buzz" rumor sent to Entertainment Tonight, and then taking them as established fact: The Oscars are occasional victims to the former, and the Globes are painfully the latter.

Which is why I keep describing the Globes as "Collected Rumors Annual 2012 lists", and not actual nominations--A Weinstein publicist can say "My Week with Marilyn is a surefire Best Actress!", and the Oscars will say "We'll think about it..." With the Globes, however, you can, for example, say "Moonrise Kingdom is a surefire Best Picture!", and guess what will happen.
(That's one of the reasons I've hated the last few years' eight-ten Oscar nominations, with gullible easily-impressed fan-rumor "filler" titles like Inglorious Basterds or District 9 making the cut: They look exactly like Globe nominations, which was the idea the Oscars had in mind at the time. They're publicly starting to regret it.)

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