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Originally Posted by Ernest Rister View Post
I know, but if the Globes are the publicists awards, and the Oscars are heavily influenced by the public campaigns...see where I'm going?
Well, think I've said numerous times that ever since 2003 (that's why people keep saying Return of the King was the last "good" Best Picture), when they tried to "revise" the rules, and shorten the voting process by a month to shut the danged Weinsteins up, stop the mailings and keep the dopey Miramax Oscar-bait publicist titles of the discussion, it ended up backfiring spectacularly:
Now the already busy voters don't have enough time to screen disks or let opinions cool on overly talked about flashes in pans, so what do they now do? Why, the same thing WE do every November when we can't think of five nominees, let alone ten: "Hey, I heard Django was supposed to get it! And Life of Pi got a lot of Golden Globes!"
After all, they're just regular folks like we are. (And what studio usually has the titles we guess at? )

The purpose of the Oscars is to shame our poor clueless guesses, and the Globes', not publish and legitimize them.

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