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Originally Posted by gotmule View Post
That is a tough room for sure, but nice job making it work. In addition to assorted traps to help control standing waves and other gremlins, you might want to check out an outboard sub eq system to assist in flattening out your bass response. There are a couple of choices out there that do a good job and are not crazy expensive. Just an idea.

As far as the traps themselves go, I am a big fan of corner traps as they were more effective for my room, but I had the advantage of a dedicated space with 4 corners. Your plan sounds like a solid one to start, but you might need to experiment to see exactly where the panels are the most effective.

My Emotiva has a 3 channel PEQ for the LFE channel, and I was able to flatten it out quite well. I don't have any real sub related anomalies I am trying to fix, but bass traps are supposed to be good, I figured they couldn't hurt. I also thought they, along with the panels, might lower the bass radiating from the house (at least a little). I only have 1 neighbor who can hear my subs, and they have never complained, but I would like to do what I can. I went outside with Ironman playing at volume, and I could hear the outside wall, the right side wall of the HT, vibrating... and of course hear the bass too.

On a tangent, I did use the PEQ to lower the bass 3 dB @ 20 Hz with a 1/2 octave Q, so it basically only affects below 30 Hz. Most can't hear that anyway, but my walls vibrate so much(with bass heavy movies) if I don't do that, it is distracting...

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