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Originally Posted by alchav21 View Post
Well I picked Digital because I don't buy Physical anymore. All the information shows Discs are on the way out, and prices on Discs are not coming down like they use to. I have always looked for the best pricing on my Movie watching, but buying Discs just doesn't work. I would buy the Disc for the Digital Copy, but no one wants the Disc anymore so they just don't sell!
It looks like you have found a new thread to repeat your trademark nonsense. This thread is just a redundant spin-off from the Digital vs Physical & The Future of Home Video Discussion Thread where you have long repeated this relentless refrain.
The inclusion of a tabulating poll is the only difference between it and the thread it tries to copy.

There is no evidence showing that discs are on the "way out." Overall disc sales are declining, but that is not the same thing as disappearing- a key difference that you can never grasp. People like you have been saying that discs were dead for years now- at least as far back as 2015. Your ilk was wrong in 2015, wrong in 2016, wrong in 2017, and wrong in 2018. 4 consecutive years of being wrong, but your ilk never tires of it.

Instead, we have yet another format. The newest disc format, 4K, is experiencing triple digit sales growth. The industry gives us a whole new disc format despite your steadfast predictions of their utter demise. Is it possible that this industry knows their market better than you?

This week alone there were 93 new titles released on blu-ray and 4K combined just in the U.S.; most weeks see anywhere from 60-80 new titles released, week after week after week. This simple, and obvious to anyone with a rational mind, fact clearly shows that people still want discs- no industry keeps manufacturing unwanted items. This would be self-evident to most people and stating it should not be required, but with you it is always necessary. Physical media comprised over 23% of the entire home entertainment spending in 2017. No industry will walk away from 23% of their revenue stream.

Disc prices have been mostly stable and bargains abound. You, by your own admission, do not buy discs, but yet you claim to be an expert on what they cost. I buy discs every single week, year in and and year out, and I can readily attest that this hobby has never been more affordable. There are 1,940 titles on sale right now on the DEALS section of this website alone.

Not liking physical media is your choice, but everything else in your comment is just factually wrong. The actual sales data proves you wrong. The steady flow of new titles on disc proves you wrong. Their continued existence proves that you, as always, are just wrong.

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