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Originally Posted by alchav21 View Post
That use to be a Gray Market, but selling Digital Codes has opened up they even sell them here on this Site and also MA/UV Stores. The Studios are trying to control the sales of Codes, they don't want them on the market before the Release Date. The Digital Code pricing has been going up, but you can find better pricing than the Discs. It just doesn't pay to buy Combo Packs anymore, because the Discs don't even return 50% of the purchase price.
The problem is that you are going about it backwards. You buy the combo packs for the discs, the premium part of the package, and then you sell the cereal box prize trinket that is the digital code. Keep the good stuff, the discs, and unload the code.

Why would you expect to get a 50% return on used merchandise, anyway? It is considered used merchandise the instant you open the case to extract the code sheet. You can buy many discs brand new for half-off, even more, during certain major sales events, like Black Friday, or simply by waiting long enough. The Deals link on this website lists deeply discounted titles every single day. Even more routine sales events can bring the price of the disc to equal or below that of the code alone. If you really shopped for best price effectively, you would already know this. You said that you do not buy physical media anymore; you clearly do not know what discs sell for or how frequently they go on sale.

Combo packs are generally marketed towards customers that want two or more parts of the total package; they were not designed as a means to partially recoup the cost of a digital code.

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