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I had the 590 for 6 months and just got the 790 a few days ago (found a pretty good deal on a used unit).

I wasn't expecting much if any difference between the two, I was close on that assumption. The 790 does do a better job at upscaling SD and internet based sources to 1080p, load times seem slightly better but not much though.

Zero difference in HD sources, why would there be aside from a malfunctioning player or one that doesn't meet the specs....... Blu-ray is Blu-ray.

Maybe on a newer better TV than my 4 year old Mitsu DLP there may be more noticeable differences in the upscaling but doubt it.

All in all if you don't need the duel HDMI output for A/V separation there isn't enough difference between the 590 and 790 to justify the $100 or more in price, unless you fancy that skype app real bad

EDIT: I have no idea as to any differences in 3D performance, because I don't use 3D.

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