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Originally Posted by Penton-Man View Post
Wicky is correct but, in lieu of that.

I would say Yoko Hama Sushi, which is right next to the Overland/Washington studio gate. I think the address is 3857 Overland.

Better About 10- 15 min. away is Matsuhisa on La Cienega/Wilshire. They close for lunch at 2:00 P.M. They are excellent.

IMO, the best Sushi restaurant relatively close by Sony Pictures is again 10-15 min. away on 3rd and Santa Monica. The name is Sushi Roku. I think the address is 8445 West 3rd but, you had better check the numbers. Its next to the Bev center. If you can call ahead ask to be seated in front of the head chef (Giro) and you will be rewarded with taste bud nirvana.
Hey Penton, since when is 3rd and Santa Monica anywhere near the Bev Center? Am I mistaken? I used to work for an editing house on 5th and wilshire. Sometimes our clients would want sushi from sushi roku. It could get 'spensive. But I'm pretty sure the bev center is the other direction completely.

P.S. I find your posts both insightful and useful.