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And while we're on the topic of over-the-top action flops, here's Pete Travis' Dredd. A fan favorite with a huge cult following, and also an absolutely massive box office bomb. Mostly shot in native 3D, it has a wide range of depth from "virtually none" to "yeah, pretty deepish." Typical native shooting artifacts like minor misalignment and retinal rivalry are present, though more distracting, IMO, is the very noisy image as a result of the low-light shooting. There are also 84 converted shots done by Prime Focus, which are unfortunately pretty badly-done (see the close-up of Dredd's boot below for an example).

SPECIAL NOTE - To make things easier for people who want to view these shots on their 3D TVs or projectors, I've included an attached ZIP file with all 20 shots in properly-squeezed, half-resolution format. To view them, open them in fullscreen on your source (TV picture viewer, computer or player connected to said TV or projector, etc.) and select the "over-under," "top-bottom," or "above-below" configuration for 3D display. The result should be a single, properly proportioned 3D image with a 1920x540 per eye resolution.

PLEASE NOTE - SCREENSHOTS ARE FROM ENTIRE FILM AND LATER ONES MAY CONTAIN MINOR SPOILERS! I've done by best to avoid anything that gives too much away.

Also note since these are compressed JPGs they are not indicative of video quality; they're meant to offer samples of the 3D effect.

Director: Pete Travis
Cinematographer: Anthony Dod Mantle
Stereographer: Vincent E. Toto
Shot primarily in native 3D on the Red One MX and Phantom Flex with a stereo rig
Additional conversion by Prime Focus

[Show spoiler]

Click Here to Download ZIP

Click Here to Download ZIP

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