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As I'm sure many of you know, only the first season of White Collar was released on Blu-Ray. For a number of reasons, I think this would be a good time for a Blu-Ray release.

But suppose the content owner, 20th Century Fox, were to have a tentative preorder for a White Collar Blu-Ray set. Suppose they had a set time limit of, say, 6 months during which they needed x number of orders to be able to justify production. Maybe they even had discount tiers where if sales reached a certain number, the price of the set went down by a certain percentage.

1. How much would you be willing to pay? At the high end? Low end?
2. How would you like the the seasons to be cased up? Single season or multi-season cases?
3. What kind of case would you want? Flipper or overlap?
4. What color would you like for the cases? Traditional blue? Or white or even clear?
5. Would you be willing to pay a higher price if the set included special features or would you prefer a lower price for a set which has little to no special features? Or somewhere in between?

I would ask about episodes per disc, but I don't think it's really necessary since we all likely know about the requisite compression and quality loss involved.
I'll get the ball rolling.

1. $60 at the low end and $120 at the high end. Maybe $150, but I'd really have to think about it.
2. I'd prefer multi-season cases, ideally cases which can each hold three seasons and where each tray holds 2-4 discs. This way, it's not too compact, but it's compact enough to save a good amount of shelf space. Plus, by reducing the amount of material needed for the cases, the cost of the set might be able to be reduced at least a tiny bit.
3. I'd prefer a flipper case because it could be more compact. I love optical media and the emotional connection I have with it, but frankly, I'm running out of shelf space, so I appreciate space-saving packaging.
4. Traditional blue is good, especially translucent blue, but I think translucent white would be somewhat appropriate for this show.
5. I'm not really big into special features, so I'd rather have a lower price than having a lot of special features.
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