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Default Looking for A24 Slipcovers Buy or Trade

Want to buy or trade for the following A24 Bluray Slipcovers in Very Good to Excellent condition:

Backstabbing For Beginners

Obvious Child (Found it)
Enemy (Canadian) (Found it)
Morris From America (Found it)
The Last Black Man in San Fransisco (Found It)
Locke (Found It)
Woman Walks Ahead (Found It)
Mississippi Grind (Found It)
Killing of a Sacred Deer (Found It)
The Exception (Found It)
Life After Beth (Found It)
Slow West (Found It)
The Captive (Found It)
Amy (Found It)
20th Century Women (Found It)
The Lovers (Found It)

Please PM me with your reasonable prices and/or trade requests. I have many slips available for trade, including 4k slips. Just ask to see if a slip you are looking for is available. Thanks!

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