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Originally Posted by maverick22 View Post
Have you tried any more movies in the past few days? I'm considering this one if my LG 4k player keeps giving me issues with noise. I'm waiting for it to get repaired.

By the way do they sell it in stores, or just online?

I played the following movies so far:

Fifth element,
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (chapter 10-12) to test if my disc had any issues, nothing.
Half of The Birth of a nation (no stutter so far), and this is a rental disc.

No problems playing the movie, no stutters. No loud noises. I had some HDMI handshake issues, before the movie started in one instance, but I think its because of the Logitech Harmony activity I have set up. I'll keep adding feedback going forward. I keep my player on power saving so its a complete shutdown. It takes I believe about 30 seconds for the player to be ready, for playback. The Youtube app doesn't play in 4k as I initially thought it could. The network streaming can also play 4K HDR streams, which a decent plus too.
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