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Default Big budgets but the money is NOT up on the screen!

Budgets are getting bigger than ever year by year and this is understandable with a lot of movies, considering the amount of action, visual FX, huge sequences or expensive actors involved. However there are always movies that seem to cost an extraordinary amount of money but the money is certainly not up on the screen. For example I believe Inception cost 200 Mil yet apart from jetting to a few different countries i cannot for the life of me see what the money was spent on. Another one is Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, which apparently cost $250Mil despite being very action and VFX lite. I can imagine some of the pay rises the cast must have received to push the budget into those numbers. I know Sahara is a notorious one as an example of screwy Hollywood accounting. That movie cost $150Mil to make.

Any other examples of extraordinary budgets but an end result that really makes you wonder where all the money went?
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