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Originally Posted by Foggy View Post
Perhaps the revolving corridors, collapsible sets, huge explosions, snowy mountain stunts, the folding cities, the freight train running through the centre of the city and the $50 mill price tag for DiCaprio had something to do with it.
Honestly, for a big blockbuster movie it felt small to me. None of what you've mentioned IMO would justify a $200Mil budget. It's all stuff that's been done before, cheaper too. I mean What We Do in the Shadows had a revolving corridor scene, and that movie had an extremely low budget. Direct to DVD movies have huge explosions in them, they don't cost $200Mil. I've seen modestly budgeted movies with CG equal to Inceptions.

$50 Mil for Dicaprio is insane though.

That said i just picked a couple of examples at random, ones where I felt the money wasn't up on the screen, i don't want this thread to turn into people trying to prove me wrong for my examples, i am more interested in other (better) examples, such as the one above.

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