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Originally Posted by levcore View Post
Honestly, for a big blockbuster movie it felt small to me. None of what you've mentioned IMO would justify a $200Mil budget. It's all stuff that's been done before, cheaper too.

$50 Mil for Dicaprio is insane though.

That said i just picked a couple of examples at random, ones where I felt the money wasn't up on the screen, i don't want this thread to turn into people trying to prove me wrong for my examples, i am more interested in other (better) examples, such as the one above.
$50 mill digit was wrong, he actual took a price cut for it in return for some of the profit and ended up $50 Mill + in pocket. That said, it's still a lavishly designed film, it's like saying you can't see the money that went into Skyfall because it wasn't VFX heavy, there's a ridiculous amount of money put into set and costume design over digital spaceships and robots.
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