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Originally Posted by toddly6666 View Post
How Do You Know is a perfect example unless boxofficemojo made a mistake. Why was it so expensive? That's just insane. Didnt they learn anythng from Brooks' 80 million Spanglish? Why was As Good As It Gets even costing 50 million? the movie took place in an apartment most of time and a few scenes in Baltimore.
Reshoots. Brooks had final cut and would constantly rework and reshoot scenes long after principal photography had finished. Also, the leads had huge salaries ($50 million of the budget went towards the four leads).

Another one: Town and Country. It cost $90 million (in 1999 dollars) but looks like it could have been produced for $5 million.

I also never understood how Children of Men could have cost $80 million. Danny Boyle made 28 Days Later for $8 million and they have pretty much the same look in terms of showing the money.

And there's the case of Almost Famous somehow costing $60 million (some sources had listed $35 million though). That could have been made for much cheaper (Richard Linklater could make a similar film for $8-10 million).
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