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Originally Posted by pigmanjoe View Post
Really? Children of Men has a six minute action take shot on film. That alone probably cost more than 28 Days Later. Boyle definitely made good use of funds, but I don't think Cuaron was wasteful. I love both films, but Children of Men, even on DVD, is much better looking.
They used to have long takes done on film for way less than $8 million. And Cuaron blew much of the budget on a camera system that had no practical use whatsoever on any other film (this was for what I remember some people online years ago calling "the obviously CGI ping pong ball scene").

Other than that, that movie could have been easily produced on a much smaller budget. There are hardly any big action sequences, most of the big stars' roles are glorified cameos (Michael Caine's final scene is pretty lame) and most of the feel is atmosphere. Did this really need to cost $80 million? You could go to some grimy council estates or depressed towns in North England or Scotland, film on handhelds and you've have the same effect on a fraction of the budget.
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