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Originally Posted by mohamednon View Post
because i need all the Features in 809 ,but in the same way in need a good quality of sound , for that if 551R has a big difference quality ,i will Sacrifice with all Features in 809 for get more good sound.

you have any other good optional ?

i think if onkyo make AV receiver same Features to 551R it will be half price on cambridgeaudio , for that it must be a big difference between them !
Well in this case May I suggest the Arcam AVR360, maybe a little pricier than the Cambridge with Amazing SQ and slightly more power than the Cabridge, THe Onkyos are not too shabby in terms on SQ, Performance is outstanding when reaching the 800+ series, in past review of HT Mag the 807 had been giver a 5 stars rating for performance while the Cambridge Azur650 got 4.5 stars.

Arcam had 4 of their AVRs reviewd and always got a 5 stars rating in terms of performance but the smaller companies often have issues with HDMI. It's entirely up to you what you prefer. If I were you I would be looking at the Cousin of the Onkyo 809, the Integra 50.3, maybe a little more robust but it has yet to be proven but anyhow Integra offers a better warranty 3 years vs 2.
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