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Originally Posted by mohamednon View Post
-about the cable brand , i will looking for it now.
-i prefer atom , to make some diversity in speakers. are the size of the room good for 7.1 ? or it too much
-if choose bi-amping i must buy onkyo 1009 if not i will buy 809 ( i need to be 7.1 all time)
I agree with aces high

I went from bi-wire to standard 10 gauge wire from Emotiva and heard no difference between the two. I also had my onkyo 3007 running 9.2 & 7.2 channels at one point in a 11X13 room and find that I'm very pleased with a 5.2 channel setup.

I wouldn't bother with bi-amping or bi-wiring either. Too much time, money & effort only to end up with the same results!

Crazyblue may not agree with me on this matter......

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