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Originally Posted by wormraper View Post
as a rental market, very well could be. but as sellthrough??/ sorry, but streaming sell through is dead in the water.
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only in your head, CDs have been around for over 30years, digital DL for over 10 and records are still around.

Rumours? I would call it propaganda by idiots and for idiots. And no you did not call that one wrong. But unfortunately I think the discussion might have taken place duriing the few weeks that the data was lost. I remember it well because I got so tired of you talking about how that there won’t be any new CDs in 2012 that I asked for a deal that if it was not true you would stop your constant and annoying pessimism on the death of TV, and physical media and if they did stop CDs I would apologise for questioning your outlook on tyhe death of all that.

Get over it,. It won't go anywhere, seriously, do you think people will not have homes any more? As long as people have homes there will be times when people want to see stuff as a family, see stuff with friends, a small screen might be good in a waiting room to waste time while waiting but it is completely useless when a handful of people want to watch something together.
Anthony, people don't watch stuff together now, let alone the future. Sports is the exception to that. Since tablets came out couples are not watching the same thing. Why watch a soap with wife when a guy could power up his tablet and watch something he likes with headphones? Same with smartphones. As for kids I wager that they won't even think about watching at the same time as parents.