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Anthony, CDs are heading that way. Can't remember saying no new CDs in 2013, if I did I called that one wrong. There were strong rumours that they were going to pull the plug on CDs this year except for special editions.
And studio executives quickly denounced that rumor and stated that they know of no plan to kill off CD in the near future. Why would they? CD still makes up about half their revenue in North America and I want to say close to 70% globally. Why would you kill something off that makes billions of dollars that you may never see again?

Let me ask you. If you were a studio executive, would you rather someone pay $7-15 for a CD or .99 to $1.30 per music track knowing that a person may only buy 1-3 songs form a given album? CD is money in the bank.

It is not going away unless they studios cannot make money off of it anymore. My guess is we are about 7-10 years away from CD going away completely. Maybe longer.

Anthony, you must understand, I love bluray and tech in general. It may sound paranoid but I could not stand a future of squinting at my content. I worry that is where we are heading. Even iPads seem to be classed as too big by some! 7 inch tablets are barely watchable. If TV sets are going extinct I am basically up the creek without a paddle!
Clearly you did not read the NPD study I quoted above. Or you are just trying to be fear inducing. There is no evidence out there that shows that HDTV's will be gone because everyone wants to watch movies and TV on their tiny screens. Think about how ridiculous it would be to watch the Super Bowl with your buddies on an iPad???

Seriously man. You need to stop worrying..