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Originally Posted by madlost1 View Post
I'm lucky enough to have the same UPS driver deliver to both my work and home. It makes things alot easier in this situation as they usually drop off where I work in the morning then go do the deliveries and come back later on in the day to do a pick up. If no ones around to give a signature he just brings it on the second trip to where I work so I can sign for it then. I have a feeling that's whats going to end up happening with my Black Widow PF on Tuesday.
Yeah that's a good way to do it. I went ahead and update my shipping to my wifes work for all my upcoming stuff. It'll just be easier. That way.

By the way everyone it's official now with JJ Abrams directing Star Wars Ep VII.
Here's the link with the Disney press release.

It's gonna be great.
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