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Here are some pics of the Sideshow Mythos Maul. I set him up in different ways with the 2 different heads, the hand holding the baton and the lightsaber with and without blades. This baby is incredible.
The pics don't do it justice and I don't take great pics anyway. I have only noticed one thing about this statue that I'm not crazy about. I guess I'm nitpicking now. His whole outfit is amazing and I like the way his clothing and boots look kind of worn and not shiny, then they went and made his gloves super shiny. I think they should have made the gloves match the rest of his clothing. Like I said it's a minor thing but I thought it was worth noting.
What do you all think?
I also did like the fact that the COA has that gorgeous Maul artwork. I'm going to frame that. No we know we will be getting those for all the Mythos statues. Sweet.

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