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Originally Posted by Mavrick View Post
Surprised to see quite a few posts on this already. Where the hell are you guys when the seasson is on, It's pretty lonely over in the F1 season thread!

Definately be picking this up, Got all reviews from 1990-2010. To be honest they all look like crap. Can't belive it took so long for Bernie to finally fork out for a decent HD production.

But now SKY have rights look out for F1 3D broadcasts around the time of the British GP and maybe 2013 season we will see a 3D season review.
Sky have nothing to do with how F1 is filmed, they just broadcast the world feed that is produced by FOM, only thing Sky will film themselves is the pre and post race program. Don't expect Silverstone 2012 to be in 3D. FOM are always late with bringing in new things, they were 7 years late with introducing widescreen broadcasts, and only this year it was in HD for the first time.
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