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Hi dmaul, Thanks again for the info regarding the $60 price match. I sent an email to Amazon asking them to review my request based on your successful experience, but once again they denied the refund even though we both received the "Enhanced Delivery Service". They said that the original evaluation had been done correctly and that they obviously could not tell me why your request had been successful, since they did not have your order number to look up your info.

Next time I'll ask Fry's if they would like to match Amazon's price, and buy from them.

Regarding the TV, I have had mine for the same length of time as you and agree with your appreciation of the set. The picture is great, flesh tones are excellent, and it does a good job of upconverting standard definition. Even old VHS tapes are quite watchable. I think the blacks look black, and there is good detail in dark scenes. Also, I have yet to spot any motion blur. Cheers.
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