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Originally Posted by Mr. Thomsen View Post
I can find no mention of this on any other blu-ray news site, and AFAIK other releases from the Universal Vault Series, which have been upgraded to HD, have all been BD-R.
This is false. All Universal MOD titles have been pressed blu-rays.

Originally Posted by JasonBluRay1978 View Post
I thought I read a couple years ago, that BD-R they stopped doing those, and decided to press regular Blu Rays, because the BD-R were having too many errors and problems with them and they were not reliable, so they just make their Blu Ray releases on regular MOD regular Blu Rays and not BD-R's
I believe you're confusing Universal with Sony. For a brief period of time, Sony was putting out MOD BD-Rs for catalog titles (such as Not Another Teen Movie, Finding Forrester, and Little Women), but they abandoned the practice and now release their MOD titles as pressed blu-rays. From the beginning of Universal's MOD line, all of their releases have been pressed blu-rays.

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