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I have the LG BP350, which is identical to this player only with the addition of wi-fi (and also not region free hacked, as I got it from Best Buy). Got it a few months back to replace my Panasonic player, which still works great but is getting up there in age.

I'm noticing it really does not like Fox blu-rays. I've only played 3 Fox discs on it so far, and while all three of them played from beginning to end, at several points throughout the movie the image will pixelate for a fraction of a second. It doesn't skip or freeze, like I said it plays through it, the image just goes wonky momentarily.

Everything else I've played on it has worked without issue, it only happens on Fox discs. They play fine on the Panasonic.

Ideally I would have gotten another Panasonic, but it seems like most companies have stopped making standard blu-ray players except Sony and LG.

Does anyone else have this player, and if so, have you experienced similar issues?
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