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Originally Posted by TheManInBlu View Post
Any idea of the aspect ratio of this? The Stones' and Zeppelin's 70s shows on Blu were in widescreen so I'm hoping this is as well and not a 1:33 ratio...
I'm guessing it will be in 1:33, as I'm pretty sure that was the way it was filmed. That was definitely how it was screened when theatrically released, as well as the VHS home video. I wouldn't mind if it was in a widescreen format, so long as we don't lose any of the current versions' picture.

Originally Posted by BillyJack View Post
now who is the better drummer IYO

Phil Rudd or Chris Slade?
Phil Rudd, no question.

I used to be in an AC/DC tribute band, and I can hear, easily & immediately, the difference between Rudd and Slade. Rudd is much more "organic" sounding and is a much heavier hitter than Slade. I was happy as all hell when Rudd returned to the band. Rudd's always going to have that drum sound that musicians connect to the AC/DC sound, and Slade was okay, but he never could quite pull that off.
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