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Old 05-06-2015, 04:00 PM   #41
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Question Just got this yesterday and...

Originally Posted by willo007 View Post
I belive this is my favorite Spielberg film, when Dreyfus breaks down always gets to me, an am a mans man!! And I always wondered why this one flopped but the following year Ghost (1990) was a smash and the following year Truly Madly Deeply (1991) was a critical success. And all three have the same story at its core.
Me too, there are scenes that really choke me up. And not through some tricky maneuver like Spielberg often does (e.g. ET, Schindler's List) but through real character development and situation.

Script by Jerry Belson so finely written it crackles. (Watched my new BD after seeing Avengers 2: Age of Ultron in the theater, and I'd consider them on par.)

Originally Posted by javi92 View Post
What horrid cover art.
Originally Posted by StingingVelvet View Post
Yeah if only they had huge photoshop actor heads like every other movie, then it would look good right?
Originally Posted by Thomas Guycott View Post
It's better than the original poster, they've removed the usual goofy smiling actor portraits, two of them with backlight halo effect. Blech. :P

Originally Posted by Ernest Rister View Post
My least favorite Spielberg film, maybe edged out by Crystal Skull. I'd have to do an A-B comparison. Amazing score by John Williams, usual. This movie is just all over the moment it's tipping the hat to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, operating in some sort of Capra-esque idealized reality, the next it is deathly serious and violent, then unconvincing in convoluted transitions...I just don't get what happened here.
I remember thinking he was banging the Capra drum a little too hard, when it was in theaters. But I loved that he'd made a really sweet film about characters, which I didn't think he'd done in YEARS (since Sugarland Express)(though Jaws and CE3K certainly had character development).

Sure there are some glue marks showing here and there, some of it seems like 50 year old cutting and filmmaking at work (maybe an homage? e.g. "Fire Boss" telling Pete to "Pull up, you won't make it out of that dive!"). But this was before the public took Holly Hunter seriously, and for me this was the film that put her over the top. She friggin' OWNS this film (leaving plenty of scraps for John Goodman). This was years before The Piano, folks....

Originally Posted by mcfddj74 View Post
It's a remake of "A Guy Named Joe"

And this movie caused me to develop a MAJOR crush on Holly Hunter. Shes so darn cute in this you just want to put her in your pocket....
Tell. Me. About. It.

I bought the VHS as soon as it was out, so I could rewatch it. I think they had to sew her into that birthday dress. (And oh boy does that first shot look sa-weet on BD.)

Originally Posted by Ernest Rister View Post
I know the tortured screenplay history of the movie, the's a misfire. This one got away from Mr. Spielberg. Conceptually, beautiful sand through the fingers. It happens. Some great moments and great staging. But it's a misfire.
You either get it or you don't. No harm there. It's not his greatest triumph. That doesn't make it a misfire. Some people build Spielberg up so high he's not supposed to make a so-so film.

Originally Posted by GuruAskew View Post
I don't know how anyone can say it's underrated. This movie would be completely forgotten if not for the Spielberg name. This is one of those movies that probably would have been lucky to get a DVD release at all otherwise and even then it probably woulda been a MOD title. But here we are talking about a Blu-ray because it was lumped in with other Spielberg films in a box set.
A little early to put on the Grinch costume, isn't it? Even for Halloween? ;P

So the reason I came here to post ... it seems to me there's some strong edge enhancement going on. Not just in scenes where someone's head is backlit, but throughout the opening scenes at the fire camp. Anyone else notice this?

My recollection was that it was a very warm and soft image, not hard and crisp like this BD looks. (Of course, an old VHS HQ tape could reinforce that memory.) Maybe I need to turn my TV's sharpness to 0 (currently pretty low at 15, after adjusting it with AVSHD 709).....

I'm sure it was a 35mm print I saw in Mobile, AL, so perhaps it was better blown up to 70mm.

Oh, footnote. Brad Johnson's first film. Did pretty good, I thought. Tried harder in Flight of the Intruder.

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Old 05-18-2015, 09:05 PM   #42
HGN2001 HGN2001 is offline
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I've opted for a "value" used SPIELBERG COLLECTION rather than buy these individual titles. Since I didn't already own seven of them, it was a bargain at $54. The case is in pretty decent shape, and I'm not that fussy about cases.

ALWAYS was one of the titles I was REALLY interested in. We went to see it at the theaters, bought it on VHS (one of the early Letterbox titles) and LaserDisc.

About two years ago, I grabbed a DVD and was disappointed to find it was not anamorphic widescreen, but probably a port of the LaserDisc. Really disappointed in that one.

So now it's on Blu-ray and when I started reading these threads, I had planned to buy it. Had *any* brick and mortar store carried it, I might have, on impulse, purchased it, but since no-one did, I shopped around and found the COLLECTION to be the most economical way to get it.

It arrived today, and I watched the opening few minutes - and it felt as though I'd never seen the film before. It was almost like seeing a TV show in color that you'd only ever seen in black & white. Color me quite impressed with the transfer.

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ChromeJob (02-10-2018)
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New Yorker New Yorker is offline
Feb 2013

I really enjoyed this flick when it came out in 1989. As I recall, one reviewer pointed out that, unlike in "A Man Named Joe," the stakes weren't quite high enough here, i.e. the gravity of WWII vs, well… dousing forest fires, so he felt this remake doesn't have quite the emotional gravitas of the original. An astute observation, I thought. However, in light of the horrific fire storms in California, perhaps this reverberates more honestly today. In any case, I always liked it and I'm ordering it.
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