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Old 07-30-2020, 01:52 AM   #1
tripletopper tripletopper is offline
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Mar 2017
Cool English Speaking 3D movie lovers: It could be worse

I've come to a pretty good realization.

I'm glad that I can live in America, be on Social Security disability, and be able to enjoy the fruits of 3D movies despite the fact that I'm poor compared to the rest of America, (but not the world today, and definitely not compared to people in the past, quite rich by both standards) yet I was able to buy a PlayStation 3D TV at valley low prices of $200 new, and even in 2020, eventually I could get every version of a 3D movie I want in a legitimate version with English audio except for one (Mission Impossible Fallout).

I guess it's both the best of rightist economics, raising the baseline standard of living. (Sort of like how before playing cards were the sport of Kings and now you could find a reasonable new deck for 50 cents as an overrun), as well as leftist economics, lifting the lower end up.

Imagine I was a native speaker of any other language, and there was public outcry to get rid of 3D there. Even if you don't compare relative wealth of average people in each nation, the ease to get English from almost any nation in the world is amazing. That's because at least 90% of the "Hollywood style Blockbuster mass market" movies, (to differentiate from that which in American would be considered Art House or foreign-style film.) The primary language the film is produced and the actor speak and the advertising campaign is targeted to its english-speakers specifically in America. In America we hear results on the weekly countdown on Monday, at least before Covid, they give both American results and results for the rest of the world and combine them for World total.

In the past few months I legitimized more than half of my collection by buying authorized versions of ones where I got burnt (maybe part way willingly until I realized this selfsame truth) so as a way of repenting, since there's no movies coming out recently, might as well use the time to "cromulize", if I can turn a Simpsons-originated adjective into a verb, my uncromulent 3D collection. There were 23 discs I had which were 3d bootlegs, mostly unintentionally, occasionally pseudo-didn't care. And of those 23 in the past 4 months I cromulized about 14 of them.

Pick any other language and use the same situation of the native land being deprived of the 3D, and you are totally screwed. Both the availability and the cost would be very Herculean to do that.

I got 9 to go. Two of them weren't my primary purchase, so I got them even though I don't watch them. One of them is unavailable in any physical format in 3D anywhere in the world for home, but was 3d in theaters. Three of them are fairly cheap and three of them are significantly more.

now that I think about it America's probably the best place for 3D to fail if you're a fan of 3D anywhere in the world. there are enough viewers in foreign lands that want to hear the original emotion of a native speaker acting the way the director intended as opposed to a dub in a foreign (to the original intent) language. (I assume there are some people considered movie snobs/buffs that want to get as close to the original as possible so the original working language would be English for 90% of the most popular films and watch it with subtitles.) Also for some films there are many competing Nations that offer their 3D films as ABC discs. It's like they're filling the hole left by the American market.

As a general strategy, do 3D discs in this kind of lack of American copy situation go up in value or down in value over time? These were the 6 discs I have remaining, and try to find out which has the least financial risk, start with the low prices ones, or start with high priced ones?

Coco will probably remain cheap because there's no push for a Coco 2.

They just announced spider verse 2. That could go either direction they might actually release more US 3D copies because the director say it's best seen in 3D, causing a drop. But if they don't make reissues of spider verse 1, worldwide demand will go higher that's raising prices. Plus the "visual words" are translated into the primary language for the DVD market, so therefore I have to get either a US UK Canada Australia or New Zealand version that is an ABC disc.

They're making more Star Wars stories so therefore Star Wars 8 The last Jedi could be reissued in 3D or could not be and just like spider verse go up or down. Also the fact that every legitimate version of Star Wars anywhere in the world has the English language track makes me more flexible and I could buy things that are written in non-Greco-Roman letters. I saw a Russian ABC one for decent price.

Jumanji: The Next Level was released in 3D theaters in 3D but nowhere in 3d on either Amazon eBay or zavvi. not even a bootleg company I somehow got on the mailing list, do I see a 3D version of Jumanji 3 in ANY nation. Luckily welcome to the jungle is probably one of the cheaper ones to get in 3D.

Then come to the holy Grails for a u.s. 3D collector where does only one nationality that has an English language track and at least a region A disc. They are the South Korean valerian and the Japanese Wreck It Ralph 2 Ralph breaks the internet.

maybe I could convince my dad to go in on parts because there was considering 4K and the only way to get 3D is with 4K in Japan.

I guess I talked myself to going after a Holy Grail once I get some money and some money from Dad. If the US 4K version goes like 40 bucks I could ask for 40 bucks towards the Japanese 4K plus 3D version and pay the rest.

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