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May 2015

Back in the day, people would smuggle home video cameras into cinemas to record new films to bootleg on VHS. Laughable, really, that anyone ever coughed up money to watch the result. But at least the ridiculous practice had a bit of charm to it compared to torrenting.
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Originally Posted by s2mikey View Post
Bummer - Like I said, I like my version with Smyslov reaching for a smoke. Its more character development.
Here you go, and with time it'll become a highly desirable collector's item.
Hold on to precious.
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Originally Posted by koberulz View Post
Netflix launched a couple of years ago with a super-limited (compared to the US) selection of films and TV shows
FYI: Netflix streaming in the US isn't full featured either. To wit:
  • I have both Netflix disc-renting (what they started out as) and streaming.
  • My disc-renting queue** is almost always near full (currently has 429 titles, and it maxes out at 500).
  • One day, I thought "why am I paying for both disc-renting and streaming?". I brought up my disc-rental queue up in one window and searched Netflix for those films being streamed in another.
RESULT: Netflix streaming has a very small percentage of the hard-copy films they rent. That's not what Netflix streaming is about their main streaming business model is original content that's how they compete with others such as Amazon Prime. We might have more than you, but it's a far cry from the selections we remember at the full-featured retail video stores. Only new / popular titles (because kaCHING), no older or obscure films.

** For those unaware of what the queue means, since there are people that Netflix Stream and have never done the disc rental thing: I have the 3-at-home plan (there are other plans). When I've watched one, I mail it in, and they send the next one at the top of the queue. Why I have so many on the queue: if you're a film buff, there just aren't enough days in a life to view them all. When I hear about cool films that are recommended, plop they go on the queue. Some I've seen before (but don't love enough to buy) sometimes go on the queue for a re-watch. And while I blind-buy some films, other new films I might want to buy but are iffy go on the queue and moved to the top so I watch them soon, while they're still on sale (and yes, I have decided not to buy after watching several rentals, and there are some blind-buys where I wish I had).

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