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Planes, Trains & Automobiles 4K (Blu-ray)
19 hrs ago
Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
14 hrs ago
John Wick: Chapter 4 4K (Blu-ray)
Bugs Bunny 80th Anniversary Collection (Blu-ray)
Dragonslayer 4K (Blu-ray)
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Planet of the Apes Trilogy 4K (Blu-ray)
20 hrs ago
John Wick: Chapter 4 (Blu-ray)
Mexico Macabre: Four Sinister Tales from the Alameda Films Vault, 1959-1963 (Blu-ray)
Gothic Fantastico: Four Italian Tales of Terror (Blu-ray)
14 hrs ago
Cowboy Bebop: 25th Anniversary (Blu-ray)
1 day ago
The Ten Commandments 4K (Blu-ray)
3 hrs ago
Alien 4K (Blu-ray)
22 hrs ago
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Old 08-16-2022, 06:06 AM   #81
Zechs Merquise Zechs Merquise is offline
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Oct 2012

Originally Posted by AKORIS View Post
Those are far more entertaining films....
Moonraker - debatable. I personally don't like it when Bond goes sci-fi, it's just a retread of The Spy Who Loved Me, which was much better, except they've exchanged under the sea for outer space. The plot has zero resemblance to Fleming's far superior novel, Michael Lonsdale is 'meh' as the villain. But I see how people could like it

A View to a Kill, just no. The film is dull and plodding, Moore is like a hundred years too old to be Bond and looks it. Christopher Walken is wasted as the villain and Tanya Roberts gets to be #2 on my shitlist for 'Worst Bond girl ever', only losing to Denise Richards because at least she didn't try to pull off being a nuclear expert (why couldn't Alison Doody or Fiona Fullerton have been the main Bond girl? Doody proved she was leading lady material acting alongside Sean and Harrison Ford in Last Crusade, and alongside Pierce in Taffin)
Originally Posted by Jay H. View Post
Besides, the title song to AVTAK was performed by Duran Duran, and it's the best damn James Bond song as far as I'm concerned.
The theme was cool, yeah. But they should have built a better movie around it. I won't give a Bond movie a pass just for having a cool theme. Diamonds are Forever's theme is iconic but the film itself is rather poor
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Old 08-16-2022, 01:27 PM   #82
zen007 zen007 is offline
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Oct 2019

Originally Posted by AKORIS View Post
Let’s make it simpler…. The World Is Not Enough AND Die Another Day are in a 3 way tie (with SPECTRE) as the worst in the series…
Agree with DAD & SP, along w/ QoS … my low rated 5-6 Bond films from my last marathon viewing of all films (though I still like them. Rating is relative to each other):


Diamonds Are Forever: Like the parts from the South Africa sequence including the introduction of Wint and Kidd to Bond in Amsterdam. Becomes a mixed bag once Bond lands in the US. Though enjoyed the finale including the sequence on the ship. The background score is among the best. Can even term the film as a guilty pleasure.

Moonraker: Like everything from the PTS to when Dufour gets killed. At that point, I thought the film could have been turned into a relatively dark Bond film but it changes direction. The rest of the film is a mixed bag for me. Can be termed as another guilty pleasure.

A View to a Kill: Zorin and his gang (May Day and Dr. Carl Mortner with a monocle), Bond hanging on to the airship, and the score. Feels like an adventure of an aged Bond esp. with Bond paired with Sir Godfrey Tibbett.


Die Another Day: The first half is interesting, then the film goes off the tracks. Some of the pieces of David Arnold's score are very good.

Quantum of Solace: I enjoy the Austria segment and Bond switching hotels in Bolivia. I like Greene as the villain though esp. the segment where he threatens General Medrano. The score by Arnold especially during the Austria segment is quite good. Loses ground for some fast edited action sequences and rehashed scenes from other Bond films including the tie scene from TSWLM, the lady in oil a la Goldfinger, Bond going rogue from LTK, and so on. It feels as if many of the things have been done before in other Bond films (and probably in a better way).


SPECTRE: Fun in parts and has Monica Bellucci in it as well but suffers from dull car chases and some bad writing. First Bond film whose background score gave me a headache (during the chase sequence in Austria). Though, at this point, this is my most-watched Bond film in the cinemas (watched it 5 times). At the end of the day, still a Bond film so has its moments too.
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Old 08-16-2022, 01:51 PM   #83
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Oct 2019

In a way, one can say that DAF, MR, & AVTAK would be happy that DAD, QoS, & SP exist!
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james bond, the world is not enough

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