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Old 12-20-2013, 01:50 PM   #1
Foggy Foggy is offline
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Dec 2008
Exclamation The Blu-ray Community Top 25 films of 2013 - (Read First Post)

Yeah, your old pal Foggy is getting this ball rolling this year and I'm going to make sure that this is going to be bigger and better than previous years.

So let's lay down the rules like always, make sure to at least look at them as there are a few changes this year to rule book


Like previous years, simply list your top 20 - 25 films in order descending from your favourite, the higher up the film is the more points it'll get, like this:

1. 25 Points
2. 19 Points
3. 18 Points
4. 17 Points
5. 16 Points
16. 5 Points
17. 4 Points
18. 3 Points
19. 2 Points
20. 1 Point
21. 1 Point
22. 1 Point
23. 1 Point
24. 1 Point
25. 1 Point

Your top film gets 25 points, because it's your favourite so it deserves a little bit extra. This year I've added the addition of 21 - 25 as I believe everyone should have a chance to add some runners up, they all get 1 point each, which will hopefully avoid us getting many tie breakers and might allow us to add some little known films that wouldn't of initially gotten many peoples attention last year. If you can't think of extra 5 films worth mentioning, then don't worry, the minimum amount of submission is 20 films, the extra 5 are for people who might want them.

And please, list your films in the order given, no randomly ordered submission will be counted.

The Rules

1) Like mentioned above, Minimum amount of films listed is 20 and Maximum is 25. If you can't list 20 movies you've seen this year, all the films on your list will only receive 1 point each towards the total so be sure to reach that 20 milestone.

2) What counts as a 2013 release? - A film must have been released either limited, wide, on demand, or straight-to-dvd (which ever comes first) in the United States in 2013. This does not include film festivals or released internationally. It may be hard to determine if some films were released in 2012 or not, so that's what the strict rules on this are for.

Use the release dates on IMDb if you are unsure if it's eligible. For example, Sightseers was released in some countries and festivals in 2012, but did not get a limited release in the U.S. until May 10th, 2013. So that film will count as eligible. Likewise, Lone Survivor doesn't get a wide release until January, but it had a limited release on December 25th, 2013. So it will also count as a 2013 film.

Classic films that were re-released ARE NOT ELIGIBLE! Please do not include them on your list, you'll be asked to change it and if you haven't changed before the deadline, the films on your list will get 1 point each.

And if you're unsure if a film is eligible, just ask and we will help figure it out for you!

3) Please only make one list - Make only one list on this thread. However, you are free to update and change your original post as often as you'd like until the deadline. It will make tallying very hard if there are multiple lists from one person. Just find your original post and click 'Edit' to make your changes. If you do re-post your list twice or more, I'll message you to remove them.

4) Add a short review of your film choices - A new addition to this year's list. In an attempt to personalise the list as a whole, I want members to post a short bit of prose about their choice. This can range from a short sentence consisting of a couple of words to a couple of lines long paragraph, or you can link to a previous review you wrote when the film was released.

This is not compulsory, and you can write these short pieces on however many of your choices you want, even if it's only for your first pick., however the more input the better, the short words of wisdom will be included on the final tallied up list in a well presented manner, and you're list will be linked with you're description so others who see your words will hopefully want to look at your other choices as well.

5) Finally, the Deadline is set for Friday 14th February, 2014 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time. Someone will have to tell me when we've passed that time, I'm from the UK so I probably won't know, but hopefully that'll allow all the people to catch up with the big films from all around the world and fully condense their thoughts. And if that's not enough time...tough.

I'll be adding some more detail to this post as time goes by, like links to the previous winners and lists. If there are any issues, raise them in the comments below. And underneath this post, I'll be adding my list in the format the final tallied list will be put up in for people to judge and put in their comments about, like how it should look and what stuff should be included.

Other than that, have fun and don't complain at anyone else's list, just focus on your own.
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Old 12-20-2013, 01:50 PM   #2
Foggy Foggy is offline
Blu-ray Grand Duke
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Dec 2008

1. Her -
[Show spoiler]Her is the film of our generation, the generation of touchscreen interactivity, instantaneous worldwide communication and various once in a lifetime experiences within reach from your household. Yet we've become more inward and antisocial with social networking taking over conversing with one another. Her is the sort of film that could easily wave it's walking stick at you for two hours and tell you everything that wrong with the world, but it doesn't. Cynicism is replaced with the uphill struggle of making "a man falling in love with his computer" not only believable, but incredibly touching. The result of this is an incredibly complex study of what love really is? No two people will come out with the same opinion, some people will be moved and some will be creeped out, but the fact that the film can split audiences acceptably and question what they saw and their reactions, is a masterclass of filmmaking.

2. The Wolf of Wall Street -
[Show spoiler]Scorsese's three hour epic of coke snorting and hooker fondling came in late, yet it even surprised me by how good it was. The film's twisted morals entice you in and you get taken on a high speed ride led by DiCaprio as some deranged Willy Wonka driven by money and you find yourself disgusted by the repulsive actions this self-deprecative man-child come false prophet engages in, when in the films final moments Scorsese twists the knife into your back reminding you why you paid money to see this. Diabolically satirical and heavily rewatchable.

3. The World's End -
[Show spoiler]Even as a huge Edgar Wright fan, I had trepidation when approaching this one. Needless to say I needn't had, while not as reference heavy as the team's previous films, The World's End is still as rapid paced and hilarious as they've previously proven themselves, while still giving off a new flavour. The film revolves around 5 heavily flawed characters yet likeable characters as their night of heavy drinking descends into a horrific nightmare, the film maintains a central core look at loss of identity and addiction despite it's high concept idea. Although a few people have been left disappointed by the film, I think it will earn more respect as time goes by.

4. 12 Years a Slave -
[Show spoiler]Not my favourite film of the year, but easily the best. Completely harrowing and unbearably heartbreaking, Steve McQueen's film doesn't cop out by fuelling his film cheap techniques to tug at the heart strings but employs intellectual thought in the audience members to carry the films weight. A film like this would of garnered easy accolades by taking the simple route but instead the importance of the film is made by the questions on human nature.

5. Inside Llewyn Davis -
[Show spoiler]One of the most earnest and rewarding Coen's efforts to date, Inside Llewyn Davis is very funny and often somewhat from beginning to end, despite it's cynical script, there's an element of Llewyn Davis inside everyone. We all have ambitions and lofty dreams, but we might never reach the potential we feel we deserve, either through our own wrong doing or simply the feeling of the universe being against us. There's something somewhat comforting about the film despite the fact it's down beat message is one we all usually don't want to hear, so at least we can always trust the Coen's to break hard news softly.

6. Pacific Rim -
[Show spoiler]Taking place of guiltiest pleasure on the list, Pacific Rim charmed it's way into my heart like no other blockbuster came close to this year. Frantically kinetic and a feast for the eyes with it's neon colour palette, the film is as corny as the popcorn you eat yet it thrives from it's sheer enjoyment of it's ludicrous plot and old fashioned comedy. Pacific Rim is dumb, but at least it has the good nature of being fun instead of being pompous and self absorbed like most the Summer films where.

7. Nebraska -
[Show spoiler]Dry and dreary, Nebraska is a film many will dismiss because of it's bitter unpleasant aesthetic. However once you drill past the exterior, there is a warm fuzzy core about reconciliation, as a Bruce Dern's delusions and fragile character drifts in search of a quick buck, his son begins to discover more to his father and the lives he's touched (and possibly harmed). There are many layers to this heavily funny film that will prove more and more rewarding with rewatches.

8. The Act of Killing -
[Show spoiler]Possibly one of the more hard hitting films of the year, it's arguably one of the most important and hard hitting. Director Joshua Oppenheimer creates a documentary that sneaks so close to the truth, you feel both in part privilege and horrified by what you see. Without spoiling much of the film's concept, the subjects are tasked to make a film about things they have done in the past, which leads to some of them to question what they have done, and others to celebrate the war crimes they committed. In part a study of violence through a lens and audience preconceptions, and part insight to a corrupt country unable to develop and face what it had done, The Act of Killing is simply riveting and is nothing like you've seen before.

9. Before Midnight -
[Show spoiler]The Before series closes it's doors again allowing us to catch up with the most genuine screen couple placed on screen. Richard Linklater again crafts a lovely film that rich in emotion and comedy, without any contrivances. Developing these characters and their relationship either further than ever before, we never wish to be in anyone else's company throughout, even when the mood turns sour in the latter half. Before Midnight is just a sheer delight, and I'm hoping to see the return of Celine and Jesse in another 9 years.

10. All is Lost -
[Show spoiler]Tense and taunt survival that never let's up. Robert Redford plays the unluckily sailor of the film, who uses many methods to survive the onslaught of storms. The interesting thing that hooks the viewer into All is Lost is it's lack of backstory, other than a few ambiguous clues, the audience are left to craft a story for the character. By this, the film becomes a self reflective image of your own means of survival.

11. Gravity -
[Show spoiler]Technical craftsmanship in everyone's favourite film of the year. Gravity is a rollercoaster thrill ride like no other, using state of the art technology, the sort of feels like what we would get if we blasted Hitchcock up into space. At the end of the day, Gravity is just a fantastic experience that's refreshingly basic and tight.

12. Captain Phillips -
[Show spoiler]Captain Phillips is one of the years biggest surprises for me. Not being a big Paul Greengrass fan, I went into the film a bit uneasy due to his style of filmmaking. But his docu-drama camera work added to the intensity and fluidity of the picture, as the superb script kept slowly turning these characters into positions where you never expect the to go, which all boils into the most phenomenal climaxes of the year, that just leaves you completely drained.

13. Frances Ha

14. Don Jon -
[Show spoiler]Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut is confident and flashy as can be, thankfully it has substance to back up the effort put in. Despite not being subtle in it's strokes, Don Jon is not just a study at porn addiction but the pornographic assault from the media leading to false expectations and disconnect from reality. Don Joh has plenty of flaws, but it's blunt, honest and endearing sensibility makes it an easy and enjoyable watch.

15. Blue is the Warmest Colour -
[Show spoiler]Despite the hoorah made around the explicit sex scenes, Blue is the Warmest Colour is as heartfelt and honest as they come. A coming of age story like no other yet all to familiar, Blue makes for occasional heavy viewing, but the lengthy three hour runtime flies by before you even notice it, as you find yourself so endeared and captivated by the wonderful relationship and performances from the two leads.

16. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire -
[Show spoiler]While the first film was a decent attempt at bringing big sci-fi themes to the young adult audience, the sequel nails the tone of the novels while ironing out the issues the original film had. The dystopian future presented here is absolutely devastating and the film never eases up on the overbearing misery presented, making one of the more stronger blockbusters of the year. It's only let down by it's fairly anti-climatic ending and disturbingly ironic marketing campaign.

17. Upstream Colour -
[Show spoiler]One of the strangest films of the year, Upstream Colour is enigmatic throughout, even after watching you'll question what you have just seen. Shane Carruth's sensationalist film relies on visuals and soundscapes to put across a story based upon a complex and imaginative Eco-system to leads to the most original and compelling film plot of the year, while dealing with huge themes of omniscience, identity and the nature of suggestion. Every scene ties in with any other scene creating infinite room for interpretation.

18. Sightseers -
[Show spoiler]Darkest comedy of the year. Ben Weatley's odyssey of sex, drugs, murder and oversized pencils is hilarious throughout. Often leaving you unsure whether to laugh or cringe, the performances bring a wonderful sense of dimension to it's peculiar characters and the bizarre script leaves many quotable lines and weird scenarios that'll make you look upon the English countryside in a whole new light.

19. The Place Beyond The Pines -
[Show spoiler]While the film is a bit of a mess in hindsight. It's one of the more ambitious films to come out this year. Attempting to be epic yet intimate, Place Beyond the Pines delivers some terrific performances, stand out scenes and a foreboding atmosphere to fit it's decade spanning parable. The longer it runs, the more contrived it becomes, but by that point you're completely captivated to forgive it's missteps.

20. Stoker -
[Show spoiler]Most stylish thriller of the year. Stoker is the Gothic B-Movie the arthouse audience loves. Rich in themes and cinematic gusto, the thin plot is made complete thrilling by Chan Woo-Park's terrific direction that creates very uncomfortable scenes and WTF moments.

21. Dallas Buyers Club

22. Prisoners -
[Show spoiler]Prisoners is one strange film. Despite the fact the film was ever so disappointing in it's final act, where the nuts and bolts loosen up a tad too much, the film still won't leave my memory. The film is simply a mighty impressive thriller, it looks amazing, acted brilliantly and the whole tone of the film never lets up, it's always downbeat and miserable as these characters further descend into desperation and despair. By far one of the best made films this year.

23. American Hustle -
[Show spoiler]Terrific 5 star performances in a film that's relatively three star for the most part. David O'Russell's vibrant ode to the 70's is a lot of fun and it creates very fun personalities that bounce off one another with ease, most the fun is in trying to work out who's playing who but the film's major problem is that it never fully builds to something substantial, meaning when the film begins to slow down, it really drags in those moments because you lack something to grasp. The performances really carry this film though.

24. Pain & Gain

25. Iron Man 3

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Old 12-20-2013, 01:52 PM   #3
spanky87 spanky87 is online now
Blu-ray Champion
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Dec 2009
Ontario, Canada

1) The Wolf of Wall Street
2) 12 Years a Slave
3) Before Midnight
4) Gravity
5) The Place Beyond the Pines
6) Mud
7) Blue is the Warmest Color
8) Frozen
9) Blue Jasmine
10) What Maisie Knew
11) Frances Ha
12) The Hunt
13) Lore
14) Inside Lewyn Davis
15) Much Ado About Nothing
16) The Conjuring
17) Her
18) Stoker
19) Nebraska
20) Short Term 12
21) The Wind Rises
22) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
23) All is Lost
24) Thor: The Dark World
25) Star Trek into Darkness

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Old 12-20-2013, 01:54 PM   #4
SimBelm SimBelm is offline
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Jul 2012
Scottish Highlands

What if the film is never released in the US?

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Old 12-20-2013, 02:22 PM   #5
Scottie Scottie is offline
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Oct 2010
Rhode Island

01. The Wolf Of Wall Street by Martin Scorsese
02. Frozen by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee
03. Passion by Brian De Palma
04. The Hunt by Thomas Vinterberg
05. Nebraska by Alexander Payne
06. Frances Ha by Noah Baumbach
07. Blue Is The Warmest Color by Abdellatif Kechiche
08. Out Of The Furnace by Scott Cooper
09. American Hustle by David O. Russell
10. 12 Years A Slave by Steve McQueen
11. To The Wonder by Terrence Malick
12. Gravity by Alfonso Cuarón
13. Prisoners by Denis Villeneuve
14. Philomena by Stephen Frears
15. Before Midnight by Richard Linklater
16. Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen
17. Mud by Jeff Nichols
18. Iron Man 3 by Shane Black
19. Thor: The Dark World by Alan Taylor
20. Pain And Gain by Michael Bay
21. Spring Breakers by Harmony Korine
22. Side Effects by Steven Soderbergh
23. The Counselor by Ridley Scott
24. The Conjuring by James Wan
25. In The House by François Ozon

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Old 12-20-2013, 02:33 PM   #6
Shanderson88 Shanderson88 is offline
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Jan 2011

1. Gravity - Nothing short of a cinematic miracle, an experience so grand and profound that I wasn't sure whether the tears were from devastating heartbreak or overwhelming joy. A trip to the cinema I will never forget. My deep admiration for the craftsmanship displayed here by Alfonso Cuaron cannot be properly put into words.
2. Her - Moving, heartfelt and inspiring, Spike Jonze created an honest and authentic feeling future and an incredible love story that may alienate some, but I found it impossible not to embrace. Also a brilliant look at our dependency on technology and a feeling of optimism that no matter how bad it gets, we will always be able to count on human interaction to lift us back up.
3. Prisoners - So creepy and unnerving, the atmosphere created by Roger Deakins cold yet vivid cinematography sets the tone for this mystery thriller about a child kidnapping and the intense search for them. Perfectly paced, exciting and bone chilling, I was on the edge of my seat throughout, and I found the ending to be nothing short of brilliant.
4. Pacific Rim - A dream come true moment took place when I witnessed this in the grand scale of an IMAX presentation, a film that brought out my inner child and let him pump his fist and have oh so much fun. Del Toro created this based on a vision he clearly was passionate about and it resonated on the screen, with characters we could root for and just the right amount of cheese and cliches necessary to make it work.
5. 12 Years a Slave - Brutal yet admirably honest, 12 Years a Slave will never be described as a "fun time at the cinema", but it is an important one. The unfortunately true story of Soloman Northup is shocking and gut wrenching, and every aspect of this film was handled with beauty. Hard to swallow but also impossible to ignore.
6. Short Term 12 - A film so completely off my radar until I encountered a few reviews, so I decide to give it a spin and what a treat it was. A touching, graceful little indie film about a home for troubled teenagers and the young adults that work there, every smile and all the pain felt authentic. Brie Larson absolutely nails the lead role, a performance I wish was further recognized by the Academy with a nomination, and John Gallagher Jr. is also a great presence as her boyfriend/coworker.
7. The Hunt
8. The Wolf of Wall Street
9. The Great Beauty
10. Fruitvale Station
11. Mud
12. Nebraska
13. Inside Llewyn Davis
14. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
15. This is the End
16. Star Trek Into Darkness
17. Before Midnight
18. Frozen
19. The Square
20. Only God Forgives
21. Captain Phillips
22. The World's End
23. The Spectacular Now
24. Upstream Color
25. The Act of Killing

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Old 12-20-2013, 03:01 PM   #7
CoolRanch CoolRanch is offline
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Jan 2011

My Top Films of 2013

1. 12 Years a Slave
2. The World's End
3. Rush
4. Her
5. The Wolf of Wall Street
6. American Hustle
7. Captain Phillips
8. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
9. Oblivion
10. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
11. The Conjuring
12. Thor: The Dark World
13. Prisoners
14. Gravity
15. Frozen
16. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
17. The Lone Ranger
18. This Is the End
19. The Wolverine
20. Riddick

Honourable Mentions:
21. Insidious Chapter 2
22. Monsters University
23. The Place Beyond the Pines
24. The Last Stand
25. Evil Dead

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Old 12-20-2013, 03:01 PM   #8
SilentDawn SilentDawn is offline
Blu-ray Samurai
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Dec 2012
Isla Nublar

1. her
2. Gravity
3. Inside Llewyn Davis
4. 12 Years A Slave
5. All Is Lost
6. Prisoners
7. Captain Phillips
8. Frozen
9. Nebraska
10. Pacific Rim
11. Philomena
12. American Hustle
13. The Conjuring
14. Blackfish
15. Frances Ha
16. Fruitvale Station
17. Upstream Color
18. The World's End
19. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
20. The Place Beyond The Pines
21. Mud
22. The Wolf Of Wall Street
23. The Hunt
24. Short Term 12
25. Blue Jasmine

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Old 12-20-2013, 03:10 PM   #9
BaerGriggs BaerGriggs is offline
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Mar 2012
Overland Park, KS

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Old 12-20-2013, 03:21 PM   #10
surfdude12 surfdude12 is offline
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Jul 2007
Club Loop

anyone know this "Reserved" film???? WOW, it constitutes EVERY SPOT IN EVERYONES TOP 25 LIST?? HOLY CRAPPOLA!!
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Old 12-20-2013, 03:52 PM   #11
Jasonic Jasonic is offline
Blu-ray Ninja
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Aug 2011

1. Frozen
2. Gravity
3. New World
4. Star Trek Into Darkness
5. Pacific Rim
6. 12 Years a Slave
7. Rush
8. The Way, Way Back
9. Ender's Game
10. The Wolf of Wall Street
11. The Spectacular Now
12. Saving Mr. Banks
13. Man of Steel
14. Captain Phillips
15. Drug War
16. The Great Gatsby
17. You're Next
18. All Is Lost
19. The Square
20. What Maisie Knew
21. Disconnect
22. Blue Jasmine
23. Thor: The Dark World
24. Dallas Buyers Club
25. Monsters University

Honorable Mentions: Her, The Desolation of Smaug, Fists of Legend, Evil Dead, Byzantium, World War Z, Side Effects

Movies left off the list:
Miracle In Cell No. 7 - No US release
Cold Eyes - Only film festival in US
Mr. Nobody - Others can put it up, but I don't feel comfortable putting a 4 year old movie up here.

Still need to see: Mandela Long Walk to Freedom, Philomena, Nebraska, Inside Llewyn Davis.

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Old 12-20-2013, 04:12 PM   #12
-Freedom- -Freedom- is offline
Aug 2013

1. Catching Fire
2. Gravity
3. The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug
4. 12 Years A Slave
5. The Wolverine
6. Captain Phillips
7. The Conjuring
8. Pacific Rim
9. World War Z
10. Iron Man 3
11. Elysium
12. Fast and Furious 6
13. Star Trek Into Darkness
14. The Great Gatsby
15. Iron Man 3
16. Prisoners
17. Pain & Gain
18. The Wolf of Wall Street
19. Oblivion
20. Saving Mr. Banks

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Old 12-20-2013, 04:48 PM   #13
Romulus Romulus is offline
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Mar 2008

Guess I'll go first:
  1. 12 Years A Slave
  2. The Act of Killing
  3. Her
  4. Gravity
  5. The Wolf of Wall Street
  6. The Hunt
  7. Captain Phillips
  8. The Square
  9. The Place Beyond the Pines
  10. The Grandmaster
  11. Blue is the Warmest Color
  12. Dallas Buyers Club
  13. The Great Beauty
  14. The Spectacular Now
  15. Nebraska
  16. American Hustle
  17. The World's End
  18. Blackfish
  19. Side Effects
  20. Rush
  21. The Conjuring
  22. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
  23. To the Wonder
  24. Prisoners
  25. Only God Forgives

Still have loads on my list to watch, such as: Inside Llewyn Davis, August: Osage County, All Is Lost, Fruitvale Station, Le Passe, Blue Jasmine

Last edited by Romulus; 02-14-2014 at 07:46 PM.
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Old 12-20-2013, 05:24 PM   #14
chris_sc77 chris_sc77 is offline
Feb 2012

Final List

2. The HOBBIT: The Desolation of Smaug (A)
3. Mr. Nobody (A)
4. American Hustle (A)
5. Captain Phillips (A)
6. Fast And Furious 6 (A-)
7. Her (A-)
8. Before Midnight (A-)
9. Pain & Gain (A-)
10. Kick-Ass 2 (A-)
11. Oldboy (A-)
11. Gasland Part 2 (A-)
13. Prisoners (B+)
14. Trance (B+)
15. Iron Man III (B+)
16. The Heat (B+)
17. Machete Kills (B+)
18. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (B+)
19. Philomena (B+)
20.The Brass Teapot (B+)
21. Nebraska (B+)
22. Mud (B+)
23. Behind The Candelabra (B+)
24. The Place Beyond The Pines (B+)
25. I Give It A Year (B+)

Last edited by chris_sc77; 02-14-2014 at 07:18 PM.
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Old 12-20-2013, 05:27 PM   #15
stvn1974 stvn1974 is offline
Blu-ray Prince
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Jan 2012

I haven't even seen 25 films this year. I will look at everyone's lists to see what I missed.
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Old 12-20-2013, 05:33 PM   #16
Visco. Visco. is offline
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Oct 2012
Columbus, Ohio
Default The Blu-ray Community Top 25 films of 2013 - (Read First Post)

1. Her
2. The Wolf of Wall Street
3. Gravity
4. Spring Breakers
5. Short Term 12
6. Frances Ha
7. Lore
8. Ain't Them Bodies Saints
9. Inside Llewyn Davis
10. 12 Years A Slave
11. All is Lost
12. Fruitvale Station
13. The Spectacular Now
14. Mud
15. The Conjuring
16. Pacific Rim
17. Blue Jasmine
18. Captain Phillips
19. Pain & Gain
20. What Maisie Knew
21. Catching Fire
22. Drinking Buddies
23. The Hunt (Jagten)
24. Dallas Buyers Club
25. This is the End

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Old 12-20-2013, 06:01 PM   #17
Foggy Foggy is offline
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Dec 2008

Originally Posted by SimBelm View Post
Reserved until I figure out what's eligible.

EDIT: What if the film is never released in the US?
It can't be included I'm afraid, I've got films like It's Such a Beautiful Day, A Field in England and Filth that can't be included.
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Old 12-20-2013, 06:06 PM   #18
The Narrator The Narrator is offline
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Aug 2013

Originally Posted by Foggy View Post
It can't be included I'm afraid, I've got films like It's Such a Beautiful Day, A Field in England and Filth that can't be included.
Would Behind the Candelabra count if it only aired on TV in the US?
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Originally Posted by The Narrator View Post
Would Behind the Candelabra count if it only aired on TV in the US?
yes. it counts
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Originally Posted by The Narrator View Post
Would Behind the Candelabra count if it only aired on TV in the US?
Yeah I'll allow it, since it is a film at the end of the day.
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